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Brexit – British exit, refer to the U.K. leaving the European Union (EU). A public vote was held on June 2016 to let the British decide whether the U.K. should remain or leave the EU. The outcome shocked the world by 52% voted to leave the EU they have joined …

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Invest your money in the right place and let your hard-earned money grow exponentially. But first of all, what is an investment? To invest is to allocate your money or savings by purchasing assets such as properties, shares and currencies that has good probability of increasing in value and thus …

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Trade war, as the name suggests, is a war that happens between two or more countries by imposing tariffs, often driven by retaliation, on each other to strengthen their economy. Trade war often gets started when a country perceives its counterparts’ trading practices as unfair or unethical, thus triggering the …

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Central bank sure has sounded familiar to traders who have wandered in the financial field for a while. If traders pay attention to the economic calendar and releases, they will notice that most of them are in charged and released by the central banks like the Federal Reserve (Fed) in …

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  Traders often neglect the importance of having a correct mindset in trading forex. Yes, trading strategy is important but no, we are not saying it should be on top of your trading mindset. Having a perfect trading strategy can definitely help you in gaining but if you have the …

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After a very good meeting with his Chinese counterpart President Xi Jinping, US President Donald Trump announces that they will resume the highly anticipated trade talk with China. Trump states that the US will not levy any new tariffs on Chinese goods while the negotiations between the two countries continue. …

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First of all, you might be wondering WHAT is risk management? Just like the word itself, it means managing your risk. In Forex trading, it means making sure you are not taking too much risk when you are trading and you can handle the losses when the outcome is not …

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Adding Huawei into the U.S. Commerce Department’s entity list has been one of President Trump’s biggest moves in the midst of the China-US trade war tension. Banning Huawei means the Chinese tech giant can no longer source software or hardware from the States, conduct business with U.S. companies and the …


Financial Markets Explained Financial markets is the term used to describe the markets where financial products can be bought and sold. Financial markets usually have central exchanges, or marketplaces, such as the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). Having a central exchange is not a necessity …