Why you might be having trading jitters

Trading is a journey filled with ups and downs, and the feeling of unease is a part of the ride that every trader experiences. However, what causes this can be different for each person. 

In the beginning, it’s normal to feel nervous because of the uncertainty and fear of making mistakes. But here’s the key takeaway – your approach to these initial hurdles doesn’t just impact your success; it also shapes the sort of unease you’ll come across.

Let’s peel back the curtain on the typical culprits behind trading jitters and find out how to take them head-on.

Lack of trading confidence

When you find yourself constantly clinging to the advice of various trading experts and attempting to replicate every successful trade shared with you, it’s simple to lose sight of your path. This decline in trading confidence often originates from a limited grasp of trading fundamentals, an excessive dependence on signal providers for trade calls, or the absence of a clear trading plan and strategy to mitigate the stress associated with trading decisions.

But here’s the truth about successful trading: those who do well have the confidence to understand the market themselves and make their own trading decisions. It’s all about being in control of your trading journey in the world of opportunities. 

How does one overcome this feeling? First, step back and understand that you don’t become a pro trader overnight. Remember, the secret—which isn’t complicated—is to keep moving. Mustering up courage isn’t something that you gather on your own out of thin air, instead, get all the help you can get like finding a trading coach/mentor to show you the ins and outs of effective trade management. Step by step, you should be able to acquire the skills and grasp of market dynamics.

Lack of self-control

At this point, traders all know the drill—research, practice and repeat, to come up with a plan that can withstand the trials of the market. But then, most of the time, traders find themselves wandering off the original strategy.

Sticking to the plan is often the most significant challenge because it’s hard to resist when the market experiences significant changes too lucrative to ignore. Many times, traders give in to FOMO which leads to impromptu trading decisions, overtrading and feelings of despair when the situation moves against them. 

Instead of going with the wind every time, limiting to one good trade per day may be more advantageous. This strategy compels you to carefully evaluate all potential setups, sift through the options, and ultimately nurture your self-discipline. It’s like a daily challenge that sharpens your trading skills and keeps impulsivity at bay.

Having unrealistic expectations

Just as in every aspect of life, it’s to your benefit to manage expectations accordingly. Unless through an exceptionally fortunate turn of events, traders don’t achieve significant success overnight, as it typically requires more than just a few successful trades to make it. 

While success may be defined differently by each individual, there exists a common thread of reasonable expectations. Regardless if success for one trader means consistent, modest gains or for another, it entails achieving significant financial milestones, there’s an acceptable range of realistic expectations depending on individual circumstances like the amount of time, training, and capital.

When adjusting expectations, resist the urge to compare to other traders. Instead, dedicate your focus to personalizing a trading plan that takes into consideration your resources and limitations.

Final thoughts

Forex trading offers significant profit potential and an exhilarating experience, yet it can equally trigger stress and uncertainty. In navigating this exhilarating path, understanding the origins of your trading jitters and addressing them effectively becomes the compass that guides one to success. By remaining self-aware and adapting strategies accordingly, traders can harness the potential while managing the pitfalls, ultimately shaping the trading experience into a rewarding endeavour.

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