TFX – How to keep your accounts safe?

How to keep your accounts safe?

Effort is a two way thing. While keeping your accounts safe is our utmost priority, it requires your cooperation as well to prevent your accounts from falling into the wrong hands. In this article, we offer you some best practices to keep your account safe.

Traders Room (TR) Account

Let’s start with your Traders Room account. It should be secured with a strong password, made up of at least one Uppercase, Lowercase, Number and a Symbol. Example of a strong password would look something like:


Next, Traders Room are equipped with 2 Factors Authentication (2FA). You are highly recommended to enable 2FA on your accounts. When you login with 2FA enabled, you will be required to authorise the login from your mobile device. This makes the hacker unable to login to your account even with the correct login password.

Triumph Exchange (TEX) Account

Now that your Wallet and all the fund operations (Deposit, Withdrawal, Internal Transfer) have been moved to TEX, securing it would be your first priority.

First of all, keep your account secured with a strong password. Follow the requirement of at least one Uppercase, Lowercase, Number and a Symbol. Most importantly, do not use the same password as your Traders Room account. This is so that if one password is compromised, the other accounts are still safe.

In your TEX account, you will find another password known as Wallet Password. Everytime you need to initiate an operation from your Wallet, you will need to provide the Wallet Password before you can proceed. Likewise, make sure you do not use the same password as your TR or TEX login password.

As a precautionary step, always check the withdrawal address saved in your TEX account. Make sure that only familiar addresses are saved and remove all unfamiliar ones.

Other Best Practices

If you want higher security for your cryptocurrency, we highly recommend you to store them in a Cold Wallet. Cold Wallet is a device that stores your cryptocurrency offline and cannot be accessed over the internet. Just keep your Cold Wallet somewhere safe and your cryptocurrency can never be accessed by hackers as they are stored offline.

We know there are lots of passwords you need to remember. So we recommend utilising a Password Manager. Password Manager allows you to store multiple passwords and manage them easily.

Routinely, you are also recommended to change your password for all your accounts. Keep the passwords only to yourself or your spouse and never expose them to anyone in any way. Besides that, best not to login and manage your Wallet using public wifi like a restaurant or hotel wifi. If you must, try to change your password after using a public wifi.

Lastly, beware of phishing sites or fake sites that ask for your login credentials. These sites might act like a legitimate website and ask for your password. Only insert your password to the official sites.


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