Have you secured your email address?

Do you know a non-secured email address can be a loophole to get your TFXI account compromised?

To lower down the risk of your accounts falling into the hands of hackers, follow these steps below:

Step 1:

Make sure the email you registered with us is your personal email and is owned by you and you only.

If not, feel free to change or update it by following our guide

Forgotten you email password hence unable to get the verification code? No worries, we’ve got you covered:

Fill in this form, with a photo of yourself holding your ID card or passport and submit by sending us a support ticket.

Step 2:

Secure your email address account with these 5 simple tips. 

i.  Choose a strong password for your email address account. Create a password that is unique that contains letters, characters and numbers.

ii. Update your password from time to time. Routinely changing your password can increase the difficulties for others to guess your password.

iii. Do not use the same email account for your social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. As your email address is often made public on social media, it is advisable to use a different one.

iv. Do not use the same email account for e-commerce platforms like Lazada and Shopee.

v. Do not provide your email address to unidentified sites such as lucky draw registration or online surveys. 

Moreover, after ensuring you have taken all the safety measures listed above, you can also set up Google two factor authentication for your TFXI account.

A new feature for you to verify your bank account will be made available starting on 24th June 2021, make sure you follow the guide and verify accordingly. Please note that the respective feature is only applicable for USDT (Tether) on ERC20 blockchain withdrawal.

Stay alert, stay safe!

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