Month: October 2020

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Forex hedging is a strategy traders often use to protect their trading position from an adverse move. Hedging acts as an ‘insurance’ for traders’ trade. It involves the opening of an opposite position to a current trade when high volatility events like general election or financial announcement is expected.   How …
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18th October 2020 TIME RELEASE PREVIOUS FORECAST 2350UTC Balance of Trade SEP ¥248.3B ¥900B 18th October 2020 TIME RELEASE 0030UTC RBA Meeting Minutes 21st October 2020 TIME RELEASE PREVIOUS FORECAST 0600UTC Inflation Rate YoY SEP  0.2% 0.4% TIME RELEASE PREVIOUS FORECAST 1230UTC Inflation Rate YoY SEP  0.1% 0.3% 22nd October 2020 TIME RELEASE …
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Earn quick, easy money from retail trading.  That’s the general term most traders or curious beginners would often come across through Forex Broker ads everywhere. Perhaps some do earn that easy money, but definitely not everyone. Definitely NOT everyone An article from states that 70 – 80% of retail …