MetaTrader 4 Apple iOS Mobile Client Terminal “Font Size” Causing Text & Content Overlapping Issue

Content Overlapping Issue

Are you using an Apple iOS device and seeing the text and content in the app cross overlapping like the screenshot below?

Reduce Text Size

If you are experiencing with the text overlapping with each other as illustrated in the screenshot above, try change to smaller font size.

To do so, open up “Settings”,
then tap on “Display & Brightness”,
then tap on “Text Size”.

To change to a smaller font size,
pull the slider toward left.

Now, get back to your MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal.

If you are still seeing weird text and content overlapping each other, go back to the Text Size setting, pull the slider further left to adjust the font size smaller until your MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal comfortably display the content.

Turn Off Larger Accessibility Sizes

If reducing text size above does not works, try change the text size in accessibility control too.

To do so, open up “Settings”,
then tap on “Accessibility”,
then tap on ” Display & Text Size”,
then tap on “Larger Text”.

Toggle the “Larger Accessibility Sizes” to off.

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