An Example: Calculating the Profit and Loss of US30, Dow Jones

What is Dow Jones?

The Dow Jones is a stock market index that measures the stock performance of 30 large publicly listed companies on stock exchanges in the United States covering many industrial sectors, including but limited to, finance, information technology, food, retails, etc.

Dow Jones is operating in USD.

Example to calculate profit and loss when trading US30

The screenshot below has been captured as an example to perform the calculation followed.

From the US30 contract specifications, we know that:-

  • Contract size of US30: 1 unit

From the open order displayed in the Terminal’s Trade tab, we know that:-

  • Open price of the order: 22,092.2
  • Current market price: 22,159.7
  • Order size: Buy, 100.00 lots

Therefore the gross profit and loss:-

Gross profit
= (ClosePrice – OpenPrice) × Volume × ContractSize
= ( 22,159.7 – 22,092.2) × 100.00 × 1
= 6,750 USD

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