Key Releases for 12th – 18th January 2020

Key Releases to watch out in this coming week!

Time Currency Releases Previous Forecast
13th January 2020
0930UTC GBP Balance of Trade NOV £-5.19B
14th January 2020
1330UTC USD Inflation Rate YoY DEC 2.1% 2%
15th January 2020
0930UTC GBP  Inflation Rate YoY DEC 1.5%
1000UTC EUR Balance of Trade NOV €28B €17B
2350UTC JPY PPI MoM DEC 0.2%
16th January 2020
1330UTC USD Retail Sales MoM DEC 0.2% 0.4%
17th January 2020
0030UTC AUD Westpac Consumer Confidence Index JAN 95.1
1000UTC EUR Inflation Rate YoY Final DEC 1% 1.3%

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