6 Tips on Starting Forex Trading the Right Way

In our previous #AnalysisAside blog post, we introduced readers to some major facts about Forex trading. Those facts are very useful for beginners who want to get started with Forex trading. This week, we will go a little more in-depth on how traders can prepare before venturing into Forex trading.


Master the Basic

Before the actual trading, get yourself familiar with all the Forex concepts like spread, broker execution, and leverage. Enrich yourself with trading courses and tutorials. Find as much information as you can about the market and make yourself understand it thoroughly. Knowing how the foreign market works can help you to prepare your trading mentality even better.

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Trade on Demo

Like the saying goes, practice makes perfect. The best way to practice while you are getting started is by signing up a demo account with TriumphFX. But why demo account? It allows you to trade freely with virtual money under real market conditions. Practicing through demo account will let you figure out your strengths and weaknesses in trading without even losing a single buck.

Create a demo account: https://www.tfxi.com/demo-applications/create


Think Like a Professional Trader

Listen to trading podcast, watch live trading videos and participate in the Forex trading communities. Conduct sentiment analysis by determining the overall psychological and emotional state of the traders in the Forex market. Pay close attention to how traders react when there are market-moving events or announcement of big news. Jumping on the bandwagon in Forex trading can actually help you to gain and mitigate losses effectively.


Learn to Recognize the Trading Waves and Patterns

Commit some of your time by looking at Forex price chart because the more time you committed on learning, the faster you learn how to recognize the chart patterns. Familiarise yourself with the chart patterns can help you to anticipate the price changes earlier. Study, understand the chart and always keep yourself updated with the market.


Come Out with your Own Trading System

After you have learned how to recognize the trading waves and patterns, we encourage you to come out with your own trading style. Develop a well-thought-out trading system suitable for you by using a combination of indicators and setting your stop loss level. You can come out with a few trading systems, try them in your demo account and use the one that fit you the most on your future live account.


Record your Progress & Growth

Keep a trading journal, set goals and targets to measure how effective your trading system is and how effectively you execute it. If the outcome from your trading system is good, keep it. It can be handy in the long run.


Forex trading requires time, studies, researches, and patience. Consistent passion makes trading easier. Remember, this is not a life hack or shortcut that makes you instantly rich.

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