EUR has backed down against the international currencies

On Friday EUR has backed down in the Europe market against the international currencies, and on its way for the first loss during three days against USD, under the pressure of increasing USD against most main and secondary currencies, especially against the low profit currencies, after the jump in ten years American debentures profits, and because of the American president Donald Tramp hopes in applying the wide` reformers tax to improve the economic growth levels in the country.
EURUSD backed down by 0.4% till 7:45 GMT, to trade at 1.1802$, and the opening price of today’s trading at 1.1852$, and record the highest level 1.1858$, and the lowest level at 1.1790$.
EUR has ended yesterday trading with an increasing by 0.6% against the USD, in a second daily gain respectively, with accelerating purchasing the EUR as a safe haven, after the political development in Spain, at the same time of harming the USD because backing down of debentures profits.
The data which issued this week in Europe confirmed continuing inflation levels far away from Central Bank targets, adding to the backing down of trust levels in Europe and German economy during current October.
In US the ten years American debentures profits have jumped 4 basis points to 2.36%, in the middle of market Aspirations for choosing a new governor for the federal reserve commission, and May would be from who tend to tighten the monetary policy, and the same time with hopes of decreasing the American taxes.
On Thursday The American Senate has agreed to a new general budget scheme for the financial year 2018, and that paves the way for the Republican Party to continue forward toward Adoption the wide tax reforms without the support from the Democratic Party.

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