Most important news on economic calendar this week 16 – 20 October

USD fluctuated against the other main currencies during Friday trading after issuing inflation data in customers prices which is more than expected because of increasing interest price by the federal reserve commission in the next months.

During the next week, the investors are waiting for the American housing data to evaluate the economic effect of hurricanes whose hit South American last month.

Thursday data about growth in China will be watched to get a glance about the second biggest economy in the world.

In the UK will focus on inflation data which will issues on Tuesday in the middle of a probability of increasing interest price by England Bank soon in the next month.

The following is the most important economic data this week:

Monday 16 of October 

China will publish data about inflation.

Canada will evaluate report about foreign financial papers and Central Bank will publish questionnaire about business expectation.

The US will publish data about industrial activity in New York.

Tuesday 17 of October 

New Zealand will issues data about inflation in customers prices.

The Australia Reserve Bank will publish its last meeting report to put the policy.

The UK will publish inflation data today, and England Bank governor Mark Carney will be in front of treasury committee.

Zeo academy will evaluate report about German economic spirits.

Eurozone will issue data on average inflation.

The US will publish numbers about imports prices and industrial production.

Wednesday 18 of October 

The Europe Central Bank Mario Draghi will evaluate the opening notes in Banks press in Frankfort.

The UK will publish its last report about jobs.

The US will publish data about building permits and housing buildings.

Thursday 19 of October 

Australia will publish its last report about jobs, instead of private sector about trust in trade business.

China will publish data about growth in total local production of the third quarter with the reports of industrial production and assets investment.

And the UK will publish a report about retail sales.

And the US will publish the weekly report on unemployment requirements and data of manufacturing industrial activity in Philadelphia.

Friday 20 of October 

The UK will publish data about borrowing from the general sector.

And Canada will evaluate a report about inflation and retail sales.

And the US will end the week trading by publishing data about houses sales.

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