USD has increased in the Europe market against the international currencies

On Thursday USD has increased in the Europe market against the international currencies, after its decreasing to the lowest level in two weeks, this came before issuing an important data about producers prices in the US, adding to remarks of some members of the federal reserve.


USD index has increased by 0.2% till 12:02 GMT, to trade at the level 92.91 points, and the opening level of today’s trading at 92.72 points, and record the highest level at 92.92 and the lowest level since 26 of September 92.62 points.


The index has ended yesterday trading with a decreasing by 0.3%, in fourth daily losses respectively, with continues purchasing the USD against the international currencies, especially after the traders stopped pledging on increasing the interest prices by the federal reserve in December.


That pledges have stopped after the last meeting report of the federal reserve issued, which was at 19-20 of September, this observed that the American monetary policymakers made long discussions about the  probability of increasing the inflation levels in the country, and getting ready to curb the period of interest prices increases in the future if that’s not going to happen.


And the federal reserve members said that they will focus on inflation data during the next months when making any new decision about increasing interest prices.


And for re-evaluate the American interest pledges, the investors are waiting today for an important data about inflation levels in the country representing in producers prices index ” an popular index for customers prices” and other data about weekly unemployment support requirements, adding to remarks of some federal reserve members about the monetary policy during forum organised by the Peterson academy of international economic in Washington


Producers prices index will issue at 12:30 GMT and the expectation is an increase of 0.4% during September from an increasing by 0.2% in August, and the same index without fuel and food prices will issue and the expectation is an increasing by 0.2% and the last reading was recorded an increasing by 0.1%.


The unemployment support requirements issued in the week which ended in 7 of October and the expectation is 251 thousand from 260 thousand for the last week.

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