EUR has jumped to the highest level in two weeks against USD

On Wednesday EUR has jumped in the Europe market to the highest level in two weeks against the USD, to continue its gains for the fourth day respectively, in a longest daily chain since the last September, after Catalonia leader Carles Bodmon has announced the province independence from Spain, and delayed the actual execution of the province independence for couple of weeks to make negotiations with the Central government in Madrid, and the leader has suggested sharing the Europe United negotiations.

EURUSD has increased by 0.2% till 8:5 GMT, to trade at 1.1832$, and the opening price of today’s trading at 1.1807$, and record the highest since 26 of September at 1.1833$, and the lowest at 1.1795$.

The EUR yesterday trading with an increasing by 0.6% against the USD, in a third daily gain respectively, because of The USD decreasing against the most international currencies, after one of the Europe Central members confirmed about needing to purchase the assets by the Bank during 2018 to keep the economic gains in the Union zone.

Carles Bodmon said that the result of the independence questionnaire gives him the mandated to continue actual execution, and hold the result for a couple of weeks, to negotiation with the Spanish minister president Mario Ragwi, and Carles suggested sharing the Europe United in the negotiations.

And Catalonia leader has content the companies who are escaped from the provinces and confirmed about needing to make a conversation to not get an instant crisis in the province, and this may get some Concessions from the central government to the province favor to defuse the crisis.

A strong economic data from German Reinforced trust in the union Europe currency EUR, and the industrial production numbers during August comes with the fastest growth since 2011, and the German exports have increased by more than experts expectation during August.

JPY is back down 

During today Wednesday trading JPY has backed down and that’s after it records the highest level in two weeks during yesterday session, this backing comes despite improving the industrial machine’s data from Japan.

The Japan economic has announced today about the industrial machines demand index in August and the real reading came with an increase by 3.4% after the last reading was increasing by 8% and the expectation was Leeds to an increase by 1%.

And about the yearly industrial machines demand index has increased by 4.4% and the last reading was with a decreasing by 7.5% and the expectation was an increase by 0.8%.

And the Japan minister president Shinzo Abe said that he trusts in monetary policy of the Japan central Bank adding to the effective role of the Bank president Kuroda to fight the danger of the recession, and Abe points that the time is still early for coming out from the widely monetary policy.

USDJPY is trading at the level 11.46 and that’s after it opened today’s session at the level 112.35 to record the lowest level at 112.24 and the highest level 112.59.

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