EUR has increased before issuing of last Europe Central Bank meeting report

On Thursday EUR has increased in the Europe market against the international currencies, to continue the recovery for the third day respectively against the USD, and USD backing down against most main currencies under the pressure of decreasing the debentures profits and investors are waiting today for issuing the last Europe Central Bank meeting report, looking for a new evidence about discussing the strength of EUR and its negative effect on the growth path, and signs about the monetary decisions that the Bank will take it during this month meeting.

USDEUR has increased by 0.1% till 7:55 GMT, to trade at 1.1772$, and today trading opening price at 1.1758$, and record the highest price at 1.1778$, and the lowest price at 1.1747$

EUR has ended yesterday trading with an increasing by 0.1% against the USD, in a second daily gain respectively, in recovery operations from the lowest level in seven weeks 1.1696$.

USD has backed down against the main currencies, because of collecting gains operations, under the pressure of backing down the ten years American debentures profits from the highest level in three months, and the currency has affected by the backing down of private sector new jobs in the United States during September.

At 11:30 GMT the investors are waiting for the last meeting report of the Europe Central Bank, which was in 6-7 of last September, and pointed about keeping the same motivated monetary policy without any change mentioned.

And the Bank has pointed to the probability negative effects during the meeting because of the strong of EUR at the economic growth path in the union zone, and that’s why the investors during the meeting report are looking for a new evidence about what has been discussed in the meeting about the currency.

The Europe Bank confirmed during September meeting about not discuss the changes in monetary policy tools, and most of the decisions will be taken at October meeting.

The Bank governor Mario Draghi during his witness in front of the Europe parliament has warned about accelerating in tightening the monetary policy in the euro zone, and consist about not delay the economic recovery path with a hurry monetary decision, and points to not incur the cost of any hurry steps.

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