Euro trades up the 1.2 USD for the first time since January 2015

On Tuesday EUR has increased in the Europe market against the international currencies, to continue its gains for the third day respectively against the USD, to trade up the 1.2 USD for the first time since January 2015, with the acceleration of the EUR and JPY demand, and the fears about the international spy in the Korean Peninsula has renewed, after North Korea has launched for the first time ballistic rocket on the Japan territory .
At 7:10 GMT USDEUR is trading at the level 1.2025 from the opening price 1.1978 after recording the highest price since 2 of January 2015 1.2033, and the lowest price 1.1955.
EUR has ended yesterday trading with an increasing by 0.5% against the USD, in a second daily gain respectively, and the fears about the monetary policy difference between Europe and US has shrunk, at the same time Mario Draghi rejected to comment about the increased EUR levels.
The Europe central governor Mario Draghi during his speech in Jackson Hole avoided to talk about motivation monetary policy future in the Euro zone and rejected to comment about the Increased Euro levels and its negative effect on the Europe economic growth.
Most of the financial and economic experts expect when EUR achieved 1.2 USD, the companies profits growth will back down in Europe during the second half of 2017, and the shares index in Europe has losses more than 6% since the last May, and the most companies shares which depend on EUR weakness to decrease the costs and increases the profits has dropped.
In the latest Pyongyang provocation, North Korea launched the ballistic rocket early on Tuesday that landed in Pacific waters off the east coast of Japan’s Hokkaido, crossing Japanese territory for the first time since the beginning of tensions on the Korean Peninsula.
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said the launch of a rocket over Japanese territory posed an unprecedented threat and a serious threat to his country, Tokyo and Washington requested an emergency meeting of the Security Council to take deterrent action against North Korea.

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