Most important news on economic calendar this week 17 July 2017

During the next week, the international financial markets will focus on the results of the Europe central bank meeting which will be on Thursday to get a new evidence about leaving off the monetary facilitation policy by the central bank.
And the investors are seeing a close attention for the monetary policy decision which will be in Japan in the middle of the expectation about the Japan Bank of being different from the big international central Banks in the huge motivator program.
In the other side, China will publish a growth data in the middle of the new signs of the backing down in the second biggest economy in the world.
In the United States, the shares in the market are waiting for issuing the inflation report about the consumer prices searching for more hints about the strength of the economic and the probability of increasing the interest prices this year by the England Bank.
The traders will evaluate data about housing sector in the United States to measure the strength of the biggest economy in the world, and how it will effect on the federal reserve commission opinion about the monetary policy.
The following is the most important data for this week:
 The Central Europe Bank meeting-
The Europe central bank last decision about the interest price will issue at 11:45 Eastern Time (7:45 am GMT) on Thursday, and not expecting for big changes.
And it will focus on the president Mario Draghi press conference after 45 minutes of announcing, and the investors are looking for more evidence about how and when the Europe central Bank will decrease its huge Quantitative facilitation program.
The monetary policy decision of Japan Bank- 
The not expecting is Japan Bank will do any changes to the monetary policy of the Japan Bank in the end of its meeting that will continue for two days adding to check the interest rate on Thursday, and the private spending increases the probability of the Moderate economic expansion.
According to the sources, the Japan central Bank may increase its economic evaluation level but it will decrease its expectation about the inflation, and that increases the expectation about being different from the big international Central Banks in the huge motivator program.
The local production of the second quarter in China- 
China will issues data about the total local production of the second quarter at 2:00 Eastern time on Monday and expectation about report is to be the second biggest economy in the world by 7.8% in three months which ended in 30 of June, and that decreases the fears of slowing at the same time Beijing will continue in tightening policy and trying to eliminate the financial dangers and decrease the damage of the economic.
The inflation numbers at the United States –
The United States office for the national statistics will publish data about the inflation in the consumer prices for June at 8:30 GMT (4:30 Eastern US time) on Tuesday and the analyzers are expecting increases in the consumer prices by 2.9%, and that’s the highest level since four years ago.
And the last inflation increase caused the backing down of the GBP after the voting to exiting Britain from the United Europe last year, some of the monetary markers in England Bank requests increasing in interest prices in the next months.
– Housing data at the United States.
The trade ministry will publish a report about building houses for June at 8:30 Eastern US time on Wednesday, the data may be observed that the statements have increased by 3.0% to achieve 1.200 million last month, and the expectation is the housing houses increase by 5.8% to achieve 1.150 million.
Additional to housing data, this week including surveys studies about Philadelphia index of the manufacturing circumstances and New York index of the weekly unemployment claims.

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