GBP has increased in the Europe market against the main currencies

On Friday GBP has increased in the Europe market against the main currencies, continue its gains for the third day respectively against the USD, because of the USD backing down against most currencies in Britain to the lowest level in 42 years, although the difficulty which the royal economic face it, and on the top of that the country separation from the Europe United.
At 7:45 GMT GBPUSD is trading at the level 1.2960 from the opening level 1.2937 after recording the highest price 1.2965 and the lowest price 1.2934.
 GBP has ended yesterday trading with an increasing by 0.5% against the USD, in a second daily gain respectively, and decreasing the fears about the monetary policy difference between Britain and the United States, especially after the federal reserve president Janet Yellen remarks in front of the American Congress.
The unemployment rate has decreased to the 4.5% in Britain in three months which has ended in May, and that’s the lowest level since 1975, in a positive sign for the British work market, which supports the probability of raising the interest prices by the British central during the second half of this year.
 The probability about raising the British interest prices has achieved culmination at the last period, especially after the British central governor Mark Carney remarks about the interest rates may need to increase soon, to face the increasing inflation pressures.
The important economic data from Britain absent today from the financial markets, while the looks are forward toward the data which issued from the United States about the consumer prices and retail sales, and that reinforces the continues of tightening the American monetary policy.

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