GBP has back down for the second day after Mark Carney remarks

On Tuesday the GBP has back down in the Europe market against the international currencies, to continue its losses for the second day respectively against USD, and that’s after the British central governor Mark Carney remarks, which he said through it that he’s worried about the separation of his country and the United Europe and it negatively effected on economic and said Do not rush in increasing the interest prices in the near term.
 At 7:59 GBPUSD is trading at the level 1.2675 from the opening price 1.2729 after recording the highest price 1.2755 and lowest price 1.2668.
 GBP has ended yesterday trading with a decreasing by 0.3% against USD, in a first loss during three days, because of USD increasing against the international currencies after some American central members remarks.
 In London Mark Carney said that the local inflation pressures still weak and there’s a slowdown in salaries growth, and he focused on the negotiations about separating from the United Europe, and he said that he wants to see how the economic responsibility for the negotiations.
 This remark has shrunk the probability of increasing the British interest prices in the near term, after it get fresher last Thursday, after the voting has changed on increasing the interest prices during the British central meeting, and three members requested to increase the interest prices during this year, and five members voted to continue at the same current prices.
 Yesterday the British government negotiator was renewed with the United Europe about the separation, after the temporary stops because of an early parliament election in Britain, and the results were disappointed for the Conservative Conservative Party, and that caused a confusion for the government about what it wants from the separation from the United Europe.

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