Gold prices are stable near the highest level in seven months before the British election and Comey witnessed

On Wednesday the gold prices has stable in the Europe market including a limited range of trading, near the highest level in seven months, which recorded in a last time of yesterday trading, in the middle of investors evaluating for the international political dangers, formed in the early parliament election in Britain, and James Comey witnesses in front of the American Congress.
At 9:35 GMT gold prices trading at 1291.92 USD for ounce from the opening level 1293.90 USD, and record the highest level 1294.95 USD, and the lowest level 1290.77 USD.
Gold prices have ended yesterday trading with an increased by 1.2%, in a third daily gain respectively, and record the highest level in seven months 1294.85 USD for ounce, because of USD decreasing, additional to an acceleration in buying assets operations as a safe haven.
 The gold prices last week has achieved increasing by 0.9%, in a third weekly gain respectively, because of investment demand acceleration, at the same time with backing down the probability of increasing the American interest prices during current June.
 Tomorrow on Thursday the early parliament election in Britain which the current minister president Theresa May was invited to it, to get a social and political support for the negotiations operation with the Europe united about the separation, according to the last survey the governor’s party will not have the required majority to reform the government.
In the United States, the federal investigation office manager James Comey may witness on Thursday in front of the intelligence committee in the senate, about rejecting the request from the president Donald Tramp about stopping the investigation with his last national security adviser Michael Flynn.
Micheal Flynn supposes to be in a federal investigation about misleading remarks of conversations with the Russian ambassador in Washington, and about the connection with the Russian officials during Tramp election.
Gold holdings are in SPDR gold trust box the biggest international index boxes supporting with gold has increased yesterday by 4.16 metric tons to the total 855.16 metric tons, and that’s the highest level since 24 of last April.

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