Most important news on economic Calendar this week 22 – 26 May

On Friday trading the USD has resumed its backing down to record the biggest weekly loss since one year with the continuing of political tensions about Tramp management in controlling the market spirits.
And USD index has back down which is measure the USD strength against six main currencies by 0.79% to record the lowest level since six 97.00 after it giving up of all achieved gains after the selection in November.
And the index has ended the week by 2.12% decrease, and that’s the worst weekly losses since last July. 
And the index has decreased by more than 5% from its highest level 103.82 since 14 years in 3 of January, where the investors had lost the trust of what called “Tramp trade”.
And the USD had faced a newly sales pressure after the reports said that there is a consultant in the white house caring about the investigation about intervening Russian in the president election in November.
On Wednesday the justices ministry has set the previously federal investigation office manager as a special consultant to investigate in the coordination between Russia and Tramp.
After Tramp has sucked the federal investigation office manager who was leading an investigation about Russia task in the selection a private lawyer had set, and he said that he tried to intervene in the judicial Process and that Leeds to talk about charge probability.
And the USD has strongly damaged because of the fears about the American political system swiping the crisis, and that prevents the lawmakers from paying taxes or reforms spending applying.
In the next week, the market shares are waiting on Wednesday for the federal reserve meeting to get the new indexes about the probability time pf raising the next American interest prices.
And will be focusing on the data about the first quarter growth in the United States and data about the private sector in EUR zone.
:The following is an important event about the economic agenda this week.
Monday 22 May 
The financial EUR group minister may make an organized conversation in Brussels.
And the financial market will still closed in Canada because of the holiday.
Tuesday 23 May 
The EUR zone will publish a statistic data about the trading activity in the private sector.
Evo academy will evaluate a report about the German business climate.
And the bank governor Mark Carney and a number of other officials will evaluate certifications about the inflation and economic expectation in front of the Treasury Committee in Parliament.
Canada will publish a data about the retail sales and the United States will publish a report about new houses sales.
Wednesday 24 May 
The president of the Europe central bank Mario Draghi will speak in Madrid.
Canada bank will issue about the normative interest price additional of publishing a report about the policy determining the economic circumstances and the affected factors in the monetary policy decision.
And the United States will publish a report about the existence houses sales.
And the federal reserve will publish the record of his last meeting of the general policy, and that give the investors a Recognition at a glance about how the officials look the to economic and their policy’s options.
Thursday 25 May 
The United States will publish a first quarter growth revised data, as well as a first data about the investment and trading business.
And the United States will publish a weekly report in unemployment claims.
Friday 26 May 
The United States will publish a weekly data about the first quarter growth goods, revised data orders and customers believe. 

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