EUR continued it increasing and recorded the highest level against USD in six months

On Wednesday EUR has increased against the international currencies, continued it increasing for the fourth day respectively against the USD, recording the highest level in six months, with an accelerated the process of buying the low-profit currency, and the fears around the American president Donald Tramp renewed, at the same time with decreasing the fears about the difference between Europe and the United States monetary policy, especially after the backing down of increasing the American interest prices probability in next June.
 At 9:10 GMT EURUSD are trading around the level 1.1095 from the opening price 1.1082 after it records the highest price since 9 of November at 1.1122, and the lowest price 1.1080.
EUR has ended yesterday trading with an increased by 1% against USD, in a third daily gain respectively, and the continued of American currency sales process against almost main currencies, adding to an positive data came from Europe observers an expansion in the Europe economic growth according to the expectation during the first quarter of 2017, with increasing the trust in Europe economic in two years during the current May.
The fears about the American president Donald Tramp has renewed after the reports mentioned his reveal of the sensitive secret information about the Russian diplomatic during the overall office meeting last week, and Tramp consultant management trying to fix the political damage of this reports, and Tramp has sacked the federal investigation office manager James Comey without any preliminaries for that.
With the backing down of American interest prices probability next month, the fears about the difference between Europe and the United States about the monetary policy has decreased, at the same time the Europe central may start thinking of decreasing the widening motivation policy during the next period, especially after the Europe economic gets nearly from unemployment, growth and inflation targets.
 A data issued today from Europe observed increased because of the inflation in the old continent by 1.9% in April from an increasing by 1.5% in March, and because of the Europe inflation, it recorded its highest level in four years during last February when it recorded an increasing by 2%.

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