Stability of gold prices ahead of the French elections

Within trading today Friday the gold prices is stable and the vibrate continues controlling on rare metal movements under caution After the fire shot from a Terrorist act in Paris, beside the American cabinet minister remarks about taxes adjustment.
 Gold prices trading right now in the level 1279.6  USD for ounce after it records the lowest level in 1279.1 USD for ounce and it opened today’s session in the level 1280.6 USD for ounce to record the highest level in 1281.5 USD for ounce.
The vibrate in markets today came after the fire shot from suspected terrorist act in Paris and that before the first turn of France president selection, and the last opinion questionnaire said that chance of wing right party candidate has back down significantly.
USD index Stable
 USD index has ended yesterday trading stable without any mention change after it records in the last time the lowest level in three weeks 99.28 points, and the American currency found the support from the American cabinet minister Steven Mnuchin, added to united reserve president remarks  Robert Kaplan in Dallas.
 Steven Mnuchin said that plans for taxes repairs had advanced, and he confirmed that Tramp president management do not seek to decrease USD value, this remarks increased the success hoping for applying for Donald Tramp economic program completely.
 Robert Kaplan said increasing the interest prices for three times this year still relevant, this remarks made the possibility of increasing the American interest prices in next June by 60%.
The USD index by 07:46 GMT trading in the level 99.63 points from opening level 99.71 points and record the highest level 99.76 points and the lowest level 99.56 points.
Today Friday the USD index in the Europe market has slightly back down, but the expectations say that it will increase again during the next trading cause of above-mentioned reasons, and the American economy waiting for today’s later lots of important data about housing, services and manufacturing sectors.
 About manufacturing sectors, the first expect reading for the management manufacturing buying sector index is 53.9 points in April from 53.3 points in March.
 And about services sector, the first expect reading for non-industrial buying sector index is 53.7 points in April from 53.8 points in March
And about housing sector with the issuance, the expect selling of based houses is 5.61 million house in March from 5.48 million house in February.

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