Euro comes back to rise in light of the US dollar’s decline

Within trading today Tuesday the EUR has increased for the second time respectively and that with the continued in backing down for USD levels under the weakness of American data and the tensions because of the condition in north Korea.

Trading of EURUSD in 1.0650 level and that after it recorded the highest level in 1.0655 and the lowest level in 1.0638 and today opened the session in 1.0645 level.

Within the trading today EUR had increased with continued of recording decreasing of USD against main currencies and that after the backing down of Empire State Manufacturing Index

On the other hand, the economic data is absent from the EUR area, which allows the single currency to be affected by the movements of the dollar directly.

The US housing sector data is expected to be announced today. 

Tensions between the United States and North Korea have reduced demand for the dollar, which has been positively reflected in euro levels.

The Japanese Yen is heading higher again after yesterday’s decline

The JPY tried to rebound during the Asian trading session on Tuesday, after falling yesterday against the USD. These attempts come in light of the continued negative pressure on the dollar after the weak US data.

The USDJPY is currently trading at 108.93 after opening today’s session at 109.16 to hit a low of 108.91 and hit a high of 109.23.

The yen’s rebound today comes as markets await the US vice president’s meeting with the Japanese prime minister on the situation in North Korea following Sunday’s failed missile test.

On the other hand, the Japanese stock indices higher today, affected by the decline witnessed by the Japanese yen JPY yesterday, but the attempts of the Japanese currency to rise reduced these gains in the stocks.

The US dollar continues to decline against the major currencies after yesterday’s weak data from the US manufacturing sector, as well as the markets waiting for the housing sector today.

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