Gold prices has back down from the highest level in five months

Gold prices have back down within Asian trading session today Thursday and that after it records the highest level in five months, whereas Precious metal found the support from sharp back down in USD levels against main Currencies.

Gold prices trading right now at 1285.3 USD for ounce after it records the lowest level in 1284.8 USD for ounce, and today has opened the session in 1287.0 USD for ounce to record the highest level in 1287.9 USD for ounce.

 The statement of the American president Donald tramp about USD increasing and how it effect negatively on the American companies forces currency to the sharp decrease and that helped gold prices to increase.

While we see the current Political tensions for the expectations from the United States to get involved with the war in Syria and North Korea forces the Investors to refrain from taking risk to see the backing down in shares and the investments move to the gold.

The American president says that he wants to decrease the interest rates to Stimulate the investment and that helps gold get increase because of his Reverse relation with American interest.

Rates move UP in Euro levels to record weekly increases.

 While today Thursday trading the Euro has increased to record it highest levels this week and that after he found the support from USD back down against main currencies EURGBP , and that helps European Union currency to get better since the beginning of the week.

The EURUSD trading right now in 1.0673 and that after it records highest level in 1.0678 and the lowest level in 1.0661, and open today’s session in 1.0672 level.

EUR in it way to record weekly highs to Exploit the USD lowest level backing down in two weeks against main currencies GBPUSD after the American president tramp statement about the negative affect of USD increasing on American companies.

While the political tensions continue to effect on markets especially with the possibility of United States to get involved with the war in Syria and North Korea, and that reduces the domain on risky investment, and generally, that reduces the Euro support.

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