Trump meets chief executives of 20 US business leaders on Tuesday

A senior government official said that Donald Trump, US President, would meet on Tuesday with the executives of about 20 companies including General Motors (NYSE: GM), IBM, Wall Mart Stores, Tesla, Black Rock, and Blackstone and sought to obtain support for the Infrastructure Program in amount of trillion dollar, tax reform plan, and other priorities of his administration.

Trump undertook to dedicate one trillion dollar out of public and private funds to infrastructure projects including maintenance and repairs of bridges, improvement of electricity network, internet services, development of airports, and maybe building Veteran hospitals. Trump will three months after taking the office seek again advices and funds from the private sector for his program “Great Rebuilding”.

Trump also wants to simplify the income tax system, reduce the federal regulatory rules, cut companies’ taxes, and impose new taxes to encourage the companies to maintain the production and transfer it to USA.

Companies’ chief executives are a part of “Strategy and Policy Forum” which was established by Trump in December and held its previous meeting with the President on 3rd of February.

Small groups of multiple business sector leaders will meet with the Secretaries of Transportation, Commerce, and Education, President of Environmental Protection Agency, and Manager of White House Budget.

Sean Spicer, White House Spokesman, confirmed the meeting and sessions with the small groups, but he didn’t reveal the executives who will be present at the meeting.

Rise in US Stock Indicators at the end of yesterday trades

The US Stock Indicators were closed with the Green Currency in the first trading sessions this week, with support of successive rise in the prices of crude oil that enhanced the performance of energy sector. This eventually resulted in losses of the financial sector stocks while the business outcomes of US large companies and banks will be issued earlier this week.

Dow Jones Industrial Average was closed at rise of 0.01% which is about 1.92 pips at levels of 20,658.02. S&P 500 ascended by 0.07%, about 1.62 pips, to close at levels of 2,357.16, and NASDAQ rose 0.05%, about 3.11 pips, to close at levels of 5,880.93.

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